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Pro-Mohs Pet Products has been a company providing high quality leather training and handling equipment for dogs since 1982. Besides being known for the high quality of our products, we have also gained the reputation of being extremely competitive in our pricing. Since our inception, we have steadily added new products to our line. All of our manufactured products are backed by our lifetime guarantee of total satisfaction. Pro-Mohs intends to continue its tradition of quality and customer satisfaction for years to come. Pro-Mohs leashes and collars are made of beautiful, durable 8-10 and 10-12 oz. Latigo Leather. The leashes have bronze bolt snaps for safe and long lasting use.


 Pro-Mohs leashes and collars have a lifetime guarantee against breakage except for cutting or chewing. Pro-Mohs stands behind their products as they know the quality and workmanship that goes into them.


All- Braided Soft Leather Leads
All-Braided Leather Collars
All-Braided Leather Leads
Brace Couplers
Dumbbell Holders
Gripper Lead
Harness Leather Leads
HS Fur Saver
Jerk Leads
Leather Collars
Leather Leads
Martingale Leads
Mendota Check Cord
Mendota Command Collars
Mendota Slip Leads
Mendota Snap Leads
Nylon Long Lines
Police Leads
Prong Collars
Prong Collars - Extra Links
Rolled Leather Collar
Show Leads
Slip Leads
Snake Chains
Soft Leather Leads
Tennis Tugs
Titan Chain Collars
White Pine Collars (1")
White Pine Collars (9/16")
White Pine Combo Collars
White Pine Leads (1")
White Pine Leads (3/8")
White Pine Leads (9/16)