Brace Couplers or Splitters
Brace Couplers or Splitters

Brace Couplers or Splitters

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An extension on your existing leash used in walking two dogs down the street, in obedience and in conformation showing.  These are also used to secure a training collar to a standard collar for extra safety.  We can also make them in BioThane!


Our dogs look so great in these collars and leads when out romping on the farm and the fact the biothane are waterproof and easy for us to clean is amazing!!! they are strong and durable and do not break. I am hooked on biothane by Pro-Mohs!!!

Ashley C

Love my new biothane leashes! They’re clearly well made and I got them so fast! I’m looking forward to using these with my training dogs.

Leila S

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