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Sale! BioThane Slip Grooming Loop. (Inventory Reduction)

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We have too many BioThane Slip Grooming Loops in stock, so we're marking these down.  Sale pricing only applies to these items and these colors.  

Made from official BioThane which is made in the USA. BioThane has a polyester webbing coated in rubber-like PVC. Even the narrowest options has a strength limit of 750 pounds so no worries about it breaking with use. It is waterproof and non-porous so it is very easy to clean and sanitize. It won't mildew or stink no matter how often you use it. It will not cause hot spots or damage coat as long as used correctly. Many groomers use it from tub to table due to the uniqueness and quick dry properties. We offer the BioThane Slip Grooming Loop in two sizes and are available with or without a ring that works with the Groomer's Helper system


Our dogs look so great in these collars and leads when out romping on the farm and the fact the biothane are waterproof and easy for us to clean is amazing!!! they are strong and durable and do not break. I am hooked on biothane by Pro-Mohs!!!

Ashley C

Love my new biothane leashes! They’re clearly well made and I got them so fast! I’m looking forward to using these with my training dogs.

Leila S

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