Where are your products made?
All of our leather and BioThane is handmade in the US.  We use the official BioThane which is produced in Ohio.

Custom and personalized orders

We do custom orders! The standard wait time for a custom order to ship is 2-3 weeks, as we have to make the item in addition to our inventory, but we can make just about anything you can think of! Please message us here or on Facebook for custom orders.

Do you offer wholesale?

We do wholesale! If you have retail and would like to learn more, please contact us!

What is BioThane?

BioThane is a PVC or TPU coating over nylon webbing, which ensures that BioThane is antimicrobial, waterproof, stinkproof, and the nylon inside keeps it from stretching! The colors won't fade, and the BioThane can weather though any temperature!

BioThane care instructions

BioThane is an amazingly durable material, and you only need soap and water to get almost any substance off of it! The only thing to avoid getting on BioThane is DEET, like in bug spray, as it will turn the material sticky and tacky.

Is BioThane slippery?

BioThane is a little slippery when wet, though we work with the 520 series as it's softer, textured, and easier to grip.

What's the difference between soft leather and latigo leather?

Latigo is the standard leather for leashes. Soft leather is the belly hide, so it feels buttery soft right away, without having to "break it in" like latigo leather. The soft leather is also a bit more stretchy, so if you have a strong puller we would recommend the braided soft leather, or flat latigo leather, rather than the flat soft leather.

Can you make leads without handles?

We can! We don't keep them in stock, but we can do any of our leather or BioThane leashes without handles!

What are the rings for on the grooming loops?

The rings are used with the Groomer's Helper system, meant for dogs that are a bit squirrelly on the table by securing the ring on the bottom of the grooming loop to the grooming arm.