Soft Leather Leashes 3' - Pro-Mohs Pet Products
Soft Leather Leash 3' - Pro-Mohs Pet Products

Soft Leather Leash 3'

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 Our 3' soft leather leash is the perfect walking leash length and are great for city dogs.  Our leather leads have become the go-to for many owners, trainers and training centers across the country. These start out soft and pliable and are prone to stretch a bit.  Soft leather is not recommended for large dogs that pull, they may snap.  If your large dog pulls we recommend going with our Latigo leashes or braided soft leashes. We have been making our leather leads in our shop since 1982. These are all handmade.

We recommend the 1/4" for Toy Breeds, 3/8" up to 30#, 1/2" up to 45#. The 5/8' and 3/4" work great on larger dogs.



Our dogs look so great in these collars and leads when out romping on the farm and the fact the biothane are waterproof and easy for us to clean is amazing!!! they are strong and durable and do not break. I am hooked on biothane by Pro-Mohs!!!

Ashley C

Love my new biothane leashes! They’re clearly well made and I got them so fast! I’m looking forward to using these with my training dogs.

Leila S

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