Auburn Rolled Leather Martingale Collars
Auburn Rolled Leather Martingale Collars

Auburn Rolled Leather Martingale Collars

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Please measure using our guide to assure an accurate fit.  Contact us if you have sizing questions.  Measure at line 1 on our diagram and add 2".

Bridle leather is a wonderful leather used in the equestrian trade. Auburn uses it on their Rolled Martingale Collars for its strength, durability, and beauty.

ROLLED LEATHER MARTINGALE COLLARS are appropriate for training but are equally useful as an easy on / easy off collar for everyday use.

Just like their standard Rolled Leather Collars, the Rolled Leather Martingale Collars are designed for dogs with long fur because the smooth, rolled design will not mat the fur. These collars are just as comfortable – and beautiful – on a dog with short fur.

Fully Contracted and Fully Extended Collar Measurements

  • 10″ adjusts 5-1/2″ to 10″
  • 12″ adjusts 7-1/2″ to 12″
  • 14″ adjusts 10″ to 14″
  • 16″ adjusts 12″ to 16″
  • 18″ adjusts 12″ to 18″
  • 20″ adjusts 14″ to 20″
  • 22″ adjusts 16″ to 22″
  • 24″ adjusts 18″ to 24″
  • 26″ adjusts 20″ to 26″


Our dogs look so great in these collars and leads when out romping on the farm and the fact the biothane are waterproof and easy for us to clean is amazing!!! they are strong and durable and do not break. I am hooked on biothane by Pro-Mohs!!!

Ashley C

Love my new biothane leashes! They’re clearly well made and I got them so fast! I’m looking forward to using these with my training dogs.

Leila S

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