Lola Secret Powers Micro Training Collar

Lola Secret Powers Micro Training Collar

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Micro Prong collars were designed originally to fit small dogs, because the larger prongs on standard size collars were too far apart, causing both fit and effectiveness issues.   A Micro collar is made up of miniature prongs with a much shorter distance between them than typical prong collars.  The end result is a collar that is proportionally correct on a diminutive dog.  In addition to working brilliantly for small dogs, many canine enthusiasts and trainers have discovered the benefits of using a Micro collar with their medium and large size dogs as well.  Micros are especially good for larger dogs with short, sleek coats, as standard sized collars tend to slip down on slippery fur.  

Choose the size, then click on the size again below and the color options will be available for selection.

 8 prong 8 1/2" to 15"

10 prong 9 3/4" to 17 1/2"

12 Prong 10 1/2" to 19"

14 Prong 12 1/2" to 20 3/4"


Our dogs look so great in these collars and leads when out romping on the farm and the fact the biothane are waterproof and easy for us to clean is amazing!!! they are strong and durable and do not break. I am hooked on biothane by Pro-Mohs!!!

Ashley C

Love my new biothane leashes! They’re clearly well made and I got them so fast! I’m looking forward to using these with my training dogs.

Leila S